Treatments For Parkinsons

Parkinson's disease has a major socioeconomic impact on society. It is a neurodegenerative syndrome characterized by motor impairment involving resting tremor, postural instability, gait difficulty, rigidity, speech difficulty etc. The chronic progressive course of the disease often leads to severe disability resulting in high expenses of treatment and rehabilitation of patients. The therapy mainly consists of amelioration of the symptoms with dopamine agonists.

Signs and Symptoms to Identify Parkinson's disease:

» Trembling of hands, legs, and jaw

» Stiffness of body parts

» Instability of posture

» Slow movements

» Impaired balance and coordination

» Pain while swinging arms

» Limping while walking

» Involuntary trembling while walking or doing their basic movements

» Secondary symptoms may include depression, sleep deprivation, mood changes, speech problems

Types of Parkinson's disease

Though generally, everyone who can find any of these symptoms can get himself tested for Parkinson's disease, it has to be understood that there are various types of the disease too. There is the Secondary Parkinsonism and then there are several other rare types of Parkinson's disease that has been around due to various other causes. Though Parkinson's disease is not inherited and it is considered chronic to the point of being incurable, the best method of treatment for PD has been said to be that by Ayurveda. We, from VIAMS have experience and understanding of the exact nature of the disease. In fact, it has been said that the disease can be cured better with a combination of Ayurvedic massages and medicines.

Therapies and Ayurvedic Treatment for Parkinson's disease

At VIAMS, we have specialized in treating patients to get a control and even try to soothe their nerves with massage therapies and medication comprising of oils and extracts that are made from herbs in our own gardens and nurseries.

In fact, the reason Ayurveda works miracles for patients suffering from PD is that while Ayurveda treatment is usually for the entire body, normal medicines would just be for killing pain. Ayurveda works in curing from the root and helping the entire body recover. The treatment for Parkinson's disease has been founded since 5000 years in Ayurveda whereas it is just 150 years long the modern science has developed medicines for this disease.Classic ayurvedic books like besavarajeeyam , ashtanga hridhayam,etc stated about the parkinson disease with a treatment protocol. "KampaVata" as Parkinson's disease can be treated by very effective and soothing ayurvedic medicines and treatments. The treatment protocol includes massaging head with medicated herbal oil and massaging of the entire body for relieving vata from the body is what Ayurveda aims at doing.

A healthy diet consisting of fiber rich food, and intake of medicines made from Jatamamsi and Brahmi are things that patients suffering from PD are sure to get relief.