Treatment Procedures


As the name suggests consists of five procedures which are following:

» Vaman(emesis)

» Virechan(purgation)

» Nasya(putting oil in the nostrils)

» Anuvasanbasti(enema with oil)

» Aasthapanbasti(enema with decoction)

All the above procedures are meant for the purificationof body

Snehana (Oil Massage)

Snehana karma (oelation) by oral method , which contain fat molecules that can break the blood brain barrier which helps to promote regeneration of tissues. It also helps to nourish the tissues along with lubrication of toxins


» This method of administration of medicine through nasal route

» Ayurveda believes nose is the doorway to the head

» The medicines administered can be either medicated oils or ghee preperation or Even powders

» Selection of medicine is according to the condition


» It’s the enematherappy

» Main treatment procedure of vatadosha

» There are two types of vasthi (kashaya & anuvasana)

» Kashayavasthi helps to purifying property

» Anuvasanavasthi does nourishing

Rakta Mokshana

» This comes under purifying methods tolled by susrutha

» This can be used in condition movement disorders assosiated with vericose veins and other inflammatory conditions

» Bloodletting therapy

» It helps to remove impure blood from the body

It can be done by surgical instruments or with other methods like leech

Moordhini Tailas

» Moordha = Head

» Taila = Oil

» The best way to treat vata dosha is with oil because it posses opposite quality of vata

» Moordini taila is application of oil to the head they are 4 in number (Shiro Abyanga, Shiro Dhara, Shiro Pichu and Shiro Vasthi)

Sub Categories

» Shiro Abyanga :- Head massage with medicated oil

» Shiro Dhara :- Pouring medicated oil on the head

» Shiro Pichu :- Pichu (placing of soaked linen) is the process in which soaked linen or gauze is soaked in medicated oil/ghee and placed over the head

» Shiro Vasthi :- Retention of medicated oil in head over a particular period of time

Role of Moordhini Tailas

» Relaxes body and mind

» Improves circulation

» Reduces mental tension

» Promotes good sleep